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Chapter I: Creation (art. 1-5)

  1. ARTICLE.- This institution, which will be considered as a Private Cultural Foundation, will be created under the name of "José Miguel de Barandiarán".
  2. ARTICLE.- The newly created Foundation "José Miguel de Barandiarán", is of a private and permanent nature, as well as individual legal personality and full legal and acting capacity, with no other limits than those determined by these statutes and those established by the legislation in force or future legislation.
  3. ARTICLE.- The fulfilment of the foundation objectives and all that concerns these objectives relies on its Patronage, without limiting its acts in any way, without prejudice to that established by these statutes and to that determined with a general and compulsory character by the legal provisions in force and particularly by all that concerns the submission of the year's report and the settlement of accounts each financial year.
  4. ARTICLE.-The Foundation establishes its head office in San Gregorio de Ataun, Sara House and its Secretariate in San Sebastián. The Patronage is empowered to change its head office subsequently, informing the appropriate Body, in order to enter it in the Basque Country Private Cultural Foundations Register.

  5. ARTICLE.- The life of the Foundation will be indefinite.