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Chapter I: Creation (art. 1-5)

  1. ARTICLE.- This institution, which will be considered as a Private Cultural Foundation, will be created under the name of "José Miguel de Barandiarán".
  2. ARTICLE.- The newly created Foundation "José Miguel de Barandiarán", is of a private and permanent nature, as well as individual legal personality and full legal and acting capacity, with no other limits than those determined by these statutes and those established by the legislation in force or future legislation.


Chapter II: Purpose (art. 6)

  • 6. ARTICLE.- The Foundation's goals will be as follows:
  • A) To systematically compile the enormous body of works of Mr. José Miguel de Barandiarán, not only published but also unpublished, classifying and filing the original texts of his writings, as well as his conversations, conferences, speeches or any other oral contribution which had been recorded magnetically, through filming or any other means.
  • B) To encourage the creation of a serious critical edition of all his scientific works, creating the appropriate experts committees.


Chapter III: Running Body (art. 7-21)

  1. 7. ARTICLE.- The representation, running and administration of the Foundation José Miguel de Barandiarán will be exclusively entrusted to its Patronage. The Patronage shall be formed by a minimum of three members and a maximum of fifteen members.

  2. 8. ARTICLE.-The Patronage is formed as follows:


Chapter IV: Foundation's Awardees (art. 22-23)

  • 22. ARTICLE.- Any legal entity or private person may be awardee of the Foundation's activities and goals.
  • 23. ARTICLE.- The Foundation's help and grants will be given according the Patronage's decision to those people who, fulfilling the conditions mentioned in Art. 22 above, are considered as being worthy of that help or grant. Nobody can impose on the Patronage the attribution of the Foundation's profits for specific people.


Chapter V: Patrimony and Economic System (art. 24-37)

  • 24. ARTICLE.- The Foundation's patrimony shall be composed of all kinds of property, with no other limits than those established by law.
  • 25. ARTICLE.-The Foundation's Capital and Patrimony will be composed of:
  •