Anuario de Eusko Folklore

The Anuario de Eusko Folklore was created by José Miguel de Barandiarán in 1921 and was published as a publication of the Sociedad de Estudios Vascos. Therefore, this publication is the most important among the scientific magazines published in the Basque Country today.

Anuario de Eusko Folklore nº 34. 1987

folklore 34Anuario de Eusko Folklore nº 34. 1987.
Donostia: Eusko Ikaskuntza, 1988.
181 pp.: il.; 30 cm. rúst.
ISBN: 84-86240-67-0.
ISSN: 0210-7732.
PVP: 12,00€ (I.V.A. incluido)
Suscriptores: 9,60€ (I.V.A. incluido)